Media company registration requirements :

  •   Minimum Two Directors is Necessary
  • PANcard copy of the proposed Directors is  mandatory [Get Attested from Bank Manager or Gazetted officer)
  • IDproof of the Directors is mandatory (Passport/ Driving License/Voters ID)of  proposed Directors [Get Attested from Bank Manager or Gazetted officer)
  • Proofof present residence for all directors (Bank Statement/ Mobile Bill)(Self attested)
  • Addressproof of the proposed registered office (electricity bill/ telephone bill, rent agreement and property tax receipt. It can be a residential property)
  • Non Objection Certificate from the owner who owns the property mentioned above.
  • Four passport size photos of proposed Directors.


Media  Company Registration  Process:

  • Getting Digital Signature Certificate for all Directors
  • Availing of Director Identification Number
  • NameApproval from Registrar of Companies
  • Draftingof Memorandum of Association  (MOA) and Articles (AOA) of Association.
  • Filingof Memorandum of Association  and Articles of Association
  • ObtainingCertificate of  Incorporation(COI)

Other details required:

  • Educationalqualification, area of occupation and occupation type of the Directors (Self Employed, professional etc…)
  • Durationof stay in the present address ( Number of years)
  • Company Name – Suggest a Name for the Company
  • Main Objectives of the Company- Proposed activities of the company