Digital Signature Certificate Registration in Kochi Kerala

digital signature certificate registration in kochi

Maarg provide Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Registration in Kochi, Ernakulam. We are able to provide digital signature in  kochi within 10 minutes, provided aadhaar card is mandatory for the applicant.  If you think where to go for digital signature certificate in kochi, ernakulam , we will be your first choice. Our team is fully committed to provide digital signature certificate in kochi without any delay or resubmission. Digital Signature Certificate Registration in kochi is made simple by us for enabling the existing business owners and upcoming new entrepreneurs to flourish their business entities to higher level.

What is Digital Signature Certificate?

Digital signature is an electronic message used for security reasons.  A Digital signature certificate (DSC) is otherwise called an electronic passport that helps a person or an organization to exchange the information with security over the internet using the Public key infrastructure. DSC Certificate can be presented electronically to prove one’s identity to access the information or services on the Internet for signing documents legally. It is also being referred as a public key certificate.

DSC is issued by an official and trusted agency which provides identifying information and forgery resistant. Digital Signature Certificate encompasses certificate holder name, expiration dates, serial number, Certificate holder’s public key copy and the digital signature of the certificate issuing authority so that a recipient could verify the whether the certificate is original.

To provide a proof that the certificate is genuine and valid, it is digitally signed by a root certificate belonging to a trusted certificate authority. The list of trusted CA (certifying authority) root certificates is maintained by operating systems and browsers so that they can verify the certificates easily that the CA issued and signed. Digital Certificates can be self-signed when PKI is deployed internally.

Though digital and a handwritten signature are equivalent, but DSC has more security which is mainly intended to eradicate the problem of tampering and impersonation in digital communications. DSC Certificate also provides added assurances of evidence to origin, identity, status of an electronic document, message or transaction, and acknowledging consent by the signer. In many countries, digital signature holds the legal significance as the traditional forms of signed documents.

What is the usage of DSC?

It authenticates one’s identity electronically and also provides with a high-end security to the online transaction by ensuring the privacy of the exchanged information using a Digital Signature Certificate. One can digitally sign information for assuring the receipt it has not been changed in transit and also verifies the identity as the sender of the message.

Digital Signature Certificate can be used to access across the secured zones of websites where member login is required beyond the requirement of entering the username and password.  It is covered by verification and validation that the user is whom she/he claims to be. It is done by integrating the users’ credentials to the DSC certificate and this method uses point of authentication. DSC Certificates ensure the confidentiality and the messages can only be read by the authorized intended recipients. As DSC Certificates verify date and time so that the recipient or sender cannot dispute whether the message was actually received or sent.

Digital Signature Certificate is used in Company registration ,Income tax E- filing, E-procurement, E-office, RBI Applications, IRCTC, E-Governance Project, E-Tenders, ROC filing for Limited, Private limited companies and LLP, Filing director identification number, Import Export Documentation , DGFT , GST Registration and Provident fund.

Different classes of DSC certificates:

Class 1 Certificate: It is issued to individuals, private subscribers. The certificate will confirm that the user’s name and E-mail address form a clear cut subject within the CA database.

Class 2 Certificate: It is issued for both private and business individuals. This certificate confirms that the information of the subscriber provided in the application does not conflict with the information of consumer database.

Class 3 Certificate: This certificate is issued to individuals as well as organizations. Since it is a high assurance certificate, primarily intended for e-commerce applications will be issued on physical appearance verification before the CA.

Where can the DSC certification be obtained?

The legally valid DSA certificate is issued only by a Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), Govt. of India, and Licensed Certifying Authorities (CA).

Who does require DSC Certificate?

Under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, 21 the authorized signatories of a company and professionals who sign the documents manually and file with ROC are required to get the Digital Signature Certificate. The following personnel have to procure Digital Signature Certificate:

  • Directors & Designated Partners
  • Chartered accountants & Company secretaries
  • Bank officials
  • Other authorized signatories

Credentials are required with Application Form are Proof of identity, a self-attested copy of PAN Card. The PAN card has to be active with the Income Tax department. Address proof- a self-attested copy of Voter’s ID card / Water / Electricity /Telephone / Credit Card / Driving License/Passport, any one of them. Please note the pan card and address proof should be attested from a bank manager or gazetted officer with full office address and telephone number.