Shop Establishment Registration in Kerala

Shop establishment registration in Kerala

People who have the interest to enter in the business world should know the provisions of Shop and Establishment Act in India. Most of the businesses are advised to do registration under the Shop and Establishment Act.

Each state has outlined its own rules & regulations for the Shop and Establishment Act. As the rules are designed by the state government, certainly the rules will differ from every state.

The Shop and Establishment Act is pertinent nationwide and the commercial establishment such as theatres, entertainment houses, eateries, hotels and other public amusement places come under the supervision of the act.

When one needs the registration?

If you are the starter of any commercial establishment then you need to file under the Act within a month of the commencement of the establishment.

This is a mandatory registration for many reasons including the Current account opening and this license acts as a basic license and your business proof to apply for other registrations required to continue a business in India.

How to do Shop establishment registration in Kerala?

Though each state has a different set of rules and regulations for registration, the fundamental procedure remains the same. The Department of labor has to approve every business under the Act.

The Chief Inspector of Shops and Establishment Act or inspectors allotted to the area where you run the establishment are the authoritative persons to provide the Registration certificate.

An application along with the below details have to be submitted to the inspector-in-charge

  • The Establishment name
  • Employer and Employees name and details
  • The Establishment address/sale deed copy or rental agreement copy of the premises
  • The owner’s PAN card

All the details need to be submitted along with the fees to the inspector-in-charge

Soon after receiving the details, the Inspector-in-charge will scrutiny the details, make a physical visit to the place, if necessary and finally issue the registration certificate under the Act.

The employer has to display the Registration Certificate in a noticeable place of the shop and if any changes happen in the establishment, the Certificate should be renewed then and there

When is an establishment penalized?

It is obligatory for all the establishments to obtain a Registration certificate, follow the rules and regulations, to be covered under the Act. If the establishment owner fails to obtain registration or follow the rules and regulation, then the establishment will be responsible to pay the penalty and this amount may vary from state to state.